Art Requirements for Stickers

  • 300 dpi/ppi art at full print size
  • Art should be in layers and not flattened
  • Photoshop or Illustrator file extensions only (.psd, .eps, .pdf, .ai, .tiff)
  • .jpegs are not accepted. They are compressed images,  blur details and edges, and make your art difficult to print
  • All text converted to vector format, curves or outlines
  • Art is full bleed to the edge no need to worry about a border unless you want one
  • Failure to follow these requirements may result in art fees
  • Art Fees start at $25.00 per hour 1 hour min on all art that does not meet these standards
  • You will be advised upfront of total art fees

please see the following images as examples of how low resolution artwork will not print well

in the above example it shows the different resolutions people send in and why you can not just “fix” or resize a 72 dpi image and make it 300 dpi and expect it to look good